Popular Services

*Unfortunately at this time I am not taking on any new custom projects*

  • Bridal and Occasion-wear Alterations
  • Tailoring suits
  • Simple Alterations such as hem lifts, zip repairs etc.
  • Bespoke Curtains or Curtain Alterations.

Restyle, Re-size, Repair

Getting something altered is the way to give an item a whole new lease of life…

Whether your trousers are too long or you’ve recently lost weight so nothing fits properly any more, a good alteration can fix it. Its very rare that I have to tell someone that an alteration can’t be done, so drop me a message on the contact page and we can arrange for me to take a look and give you a quote.

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses

Don’t let poorly fitted dresses ruin your big day.

Unless your dress has been custom made for you it’ll inevitably need to be altered for you in some way and you don’t want to leave it down to chance. It’s important to use a dressmaker experienced in bridal alterations as it requires a sensitive hand and a lot of skill. I’ve been making and altering wedding dresses for many years and understand the complexities that go along with it to ensure that your dress looks perfect for when you walk down the aisle.

Suit Tailoring

Getting your suit altered to fit you can take an off the peg suit and make it look custom tailored. Whether the sleeves are too long or short, or maybe its too big around the waist it’ll look so much smarter once its been tailored and is well worth the investment.


Fittings take place from my studio in Bosham.  I do these at all times of day, whether it be an evening, weekend or bank holiday, whatever it takes to fit around you.


Prices vary hugely on the complexity of the work required to any garment. If you want to get an estimate please drop me a message with a detailed description of what needs doing (with photos if possible) and I will try and give you a price range. I will then give an accurate quote at the fitting before any work takes place.