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I recently had the pleasure of being involved in the “Great Petersfield Sewing Bee” competition run by Sew Creative. As one of the judges, I got a close up look at all of the entries submitted and to say I was blown away is a huge understatement.

The competition was split into 2 groups, one for the children to compete in and one for the adults. Each competitor had several challenges to complete.

The children’s challenges were to embellish a t-shirt, follow a pattern to make a stand for a tablet and then create and decorate a book cover. Whereas the adults had to be creative with 2 fat quarters, make a garment for a child from a pillowcase, create a patchwork cushion and make a zipped bag.

When the first set of entries started to arrive, we knew we were in for a difficult judging. Everything submitted was of such a high standard, picking one winner was going to be an impossible task. We split the marking into categories and awarded points depending on how well we thought each submission fulfilled them. Some of the categories we judged each entry on were creativity, skill and use of fabric. As well as scoring each entry we gave commendations to those submissions that we just loved, regardless of how it scored. This meant that many different awards were given with 2 overall winners.

I wanted to share with you some photos from the competition including some of my personal favorite submissions.

sewingbeeshopEvery time a submission deadline was reached the window in the shop was filled with beautifully made items. It was such a delight for everyone who passed by or visited the shop. The challenges inspired not just those people who entered but everyone who saw what had been done as well.

11351322_1597171573874011_31693876950158848_nI just loved the use of tartan trim and the pleats on this beautiful little dress. Sometimes, it’s not always about going for something hugely complicated, but doing simple flawlessly.

17645_1597171523874016_8177623774318338590_nThese were a set of pyjamas submitted that I can honestly say I would pay good money for in a shop. The detail combined with the impeccable execution was something to behold.

IMG_1895Lottie the bear was my favourite item across the entire competition. I just fell in love with her. With her jointed limbs, beautiful sewing and incredible little jacket she was just a little gem. I have requested the pattern for her from her fabulous creator and I just can’t wait to make one myself.


I would just like to again congratulate the 2 very worthy winners Sally-ann Cole and Bea James. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such an amazing competition and I am already excited about next year!


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  1. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    It was a brilliant event. I really enjoyed taking part, even if i didnt completely finish! My favourite was also the teddy bear, loved it!


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